Richmond District: Clement St


Spend $45 and up get free foil pack garlic shrimp with egg. (持SELF 卡消费满$45可送虾扯蛋一份)
  • Categories : Restaurants, Chinese Food,
  • Address : 1820 CLEMENT ST.
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    Very yummy skewers -- appetizers & skewers super flavorful. Fast service. Easy to order from the QR code. Definitely very chill with fun music. Have already...

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    A fremont Gem! Whether its dine in or via door-dash, this place always takes care of my late night adian bbq cravings when in the Bay! I go for the tendons...

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    I absolute love eating skewers and when I found out about this place I knew that I had to go. Unfortunately, it took a long time before I was able to find a...

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