Restaurants, Chinese Food , Asian Food
3608 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Any order of $50, you can get a free vegetarian spring roll with SELF card. 任何消费满$50元,即送春卷一份。

Restaurants, Asian Food , Desserts , Ice Cream Shop
750 Clement St, ca

Special One Richmond Surprised Bag (2-3 items included) for only 9.97. 使用SELF 卡可以9.97购买盲盒一份,包含2-3个产品

Restaurants, Chinese Food

Spend $45 and up get free foil pack garlic shrimp with egg. (持SELF 卡消费满$45可送虾扯蛋一份)

5211 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

Get $50 off when you enroll group lesson with SELF card (持SELF 卡报名集体课程可以免50元报名费)

Restaurants, Chinese Food , Asian Food
530 Balboa st

With any purchase Any purchase of $30, you get a free spring roll; or $60 you get a free chow mian or chow rice; or $100, you get 10% off.(持卡任意消费满$30即送春卷一份,或满60送炒饭或炒面一份,或满100打9折)

Grocery stores, Chinese Food
2222 Clement St.


Restaurants, Japanese Food , Asian Food
2109 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94121

Any order of $30 get a free California Roll or Salmon Skin Hand Roll --except for Friday and Saturday (消费满30元送三文鱼皮手卷或加州手卷--星期五星期六除外)

275 6th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94118

With SELF card, you get $50 off for any course (持SELF卡报名任何课程优惠$50)

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