Richmond District: Clement St

Keeva Indian Kitchen (印度餐)

15% off (85折)
  • Categories : Restaurants, Asian Food, Indian Food,
  • Address : 908 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118
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Based on 748 Reviews


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    I absolutely love the pizza - hands down one of the best Indian pizzas in town. However, I DO NOT recommend ordering to go/delivery. Every time I've ordered...

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    To come to Keeva,, it's like coming to home Perfect and comforted.. so my dinner was included a lot of paneer, Panera, Makhani, Malai Paneer And let's not...

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    Ordered for pick up: samosa, garlic naan, butter chicken, saag aloo. Food was well-spiced and the potatoes had an extra crunch that we enjoyed. Pick up...

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