Richmond District: Clement St

Kio Ramen (日式拉面)

Free Gyoza when you spend $30 (消费满30送GYOZA饺一份)
  • Categories : Restaurants, Japanese Food, Asian Food,
  • Address : 3528 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121
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Based on 166 Reviews


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    Kio - a nice spot! Super easy going vibe. Great service. Some tasty izekaya selections to meet all and any beer snacking needs one might have. On my visit -...

  • {review.reviewer}

    I dont know why people giving low stars but this place does a good job. Someone said the ramen was warm not hit and yes they are right, saw the review and...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Let's just dive right into this lukewarm literally! The ramen (both of them) needed way more ramen and needed to be reheated and hotter. We...

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