Richmond District: Clement St

Olive Specialty Grocery Store

5% off for purchases $75 or more 10% off for purchases $100 or more 购物满$75或以上可享受5%的折扣,购买$100或以上可享受10%的折扣。
  • Categories : Grocery stores, Mediterranean Food,
  • Address : 304 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118
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Based on 21 Reviews


  • {review.reviewer}

    This store is amazing and a gift to the neighborhood - there is nothing like it for not only specialty food items but everyday groceries as well. Foodies...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Love this specialty store unique to any other on Clement Street. The displays are inviting and neatly organized. Olive is chock full of Mediterranean...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Olive Specialty Grocery Store is one of those places that's fun to explore even if you're not looking for any specific food item. They offer a wide...

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