Richmond District: Balboa

Three Polar Bears

10% off with SELF card, or buy a pudding get the second one 50% off. 30% off if you have a party order more than $100. 持SELF卡任意订单9折, 或者购买布丁第二件半价。量大订单满$100 或以上7折。
  • Categories : Restaurants, Boba Shop,
  • Address : 402 Balboa St. San Francisco, CA 94118
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Based on 43 Reviews


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    WARNING: the no ice option costs 0.50! Idk, I'm new to San Francisco and California, but is that normal here?! Three polar bears, please warn your...

  • {review.reviewer}

    I usually don't give bad review, but this time their milk tea really went way below my standard. Here's my review: Milk - so light to a point that I can't...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Four stars for their brown sugar crème brûlée! The boba is nicely cooked and their drink is good too. The highlight is definitely the torched crème brûlée...

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