Richmond District: Balboa

Dimdoduc (点都得点心面包店)

Any $28 of purchase you get a free hot dim sum (three in a pack) 任意消费28元可以自选点心一份
  • Categories : Restaurants, Chinese Food, Dim Som,
  • Address : 3398 Balboa St, San Francisco, CA 94121
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Based on 51 Reviews


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    First time trying this spot. I came at 4pm and most dim sum goodies were gone. What I did try were really good though! I tried 2 versions of har gow (chive...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Good take away dim sum. Fresh or sold out. Quality don tat, har gow, and char Siu bao Best to grab and go. Or call ahead to make an order for...

  • {review.reviewer}

    Get the chicken siu mai. Get the hargao. Get the chiu chow dumpling. Very nice people working here. Hole the in wall ambiance. It's great. Buy some frozen...

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