Richmond District: Balboa

Tastebuds (味蕾咖啡馆)

10% discount (9折)
  • Categories : Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Burger Shop,
  • Address : 600 5th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118
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Based on 281 Reviews


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    Cool vibes, simple to the point and easy to order. I got the steak and eggs. Everything was perfect. You can't miss out. Definitely try the hibiscus iced...

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    Tastebuds is a flavor fiesta that deserves a standing ovation! I rallied a team of 10 hungry troops and marched straight to Tastebuds for a breakfast...

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    I wanted to like this place! My feedback is intended not to warn customers but to influence management. The set up is difficult to navigate. Wait to be...

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